World at War more of a mod than a game?

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World at War more of a mod than a game?

Post  GooDeZ on Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:33 am

Well, last week when I went to the Call of duty WaW launch I was semi impressed, I won't buy it though, it's to repetitive, I didn't get to play CO-OP so I can't judge on that, but I'm going to download it to try it out.

The reason I'm saying it's practically a mod is that it has all the same perks......They're all the same, they didn't think of anything else, They had the UAV, Arty and dogs, and the dogs worked practically the same, sometimes you would get 15 kills, sometimes you would get 1, the bad/good thing is you could slash the dog with your knife quickly, but in Hardcore mode you don't get a second chance, In Non-Hardcore they can bite you twice, and the first bite they hold off for 3 seconds which gives you a long time to react.

With the guns there is no more Acog sight, but they replaced it with more ammunition in each clip, so you would want Banlieder with that so you don't run out to quickly, Seeing as they didn't have lasers back then they replaced it with a black dot....Recoil to the ultimate max! You couldn't get a head shot that easily, with any gun.

I liked the Sten, it's got the fire power of the Scorpion in COD4, but more ammo, it's brilliant.

Flash Bangs were replaced with Flare which made everything distorted and slow until you got out of it's fiery wrath!
Poison Gas grenades were put in, even though it works the same as a flare, but less obvious, and you're coughing as well, which cuts out all noise around, talking about poison gas, you can have have a Gas Mask, which I think is the only new perk they have thought of, which can help when gassing someone then giving them a stab in the back for they can't do anything about for the gas makes them holster their weapon and cover their mouth and hardly see, which is pretty funny, for about 2 seconds.

The game isn't that bad, but I wouldn't pay the whole $100, wait for someone else to guy it then buy a serial for $20 off the internet.

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